The 90s Tapes

by Brady Arnold



This is the first compilation album (of three) featuring all original recordings from the 90s. All tracks were recorded from 1993 to 1999, and are arranged in chronological order. Recorded on 4-tracks cassette,
4-tracks digital.


released December 1, 1999



all rights reserved


Brady Arnold Dayton, Ohio

I am a DIY solo artist, making music since 1993. The style of music is progressive, pop, industrial, and experimental. When I say DIY, I really mean it! I record myself, I write my own stuff, and I play all my own instruments. Sometimes I even build the instruments too! ... more

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Track Name: Soul Swims Free
Narrow band vibration is the signal that we send,
sending out the message that earth is your friend.
They live in the sea, they swim free.

The death rock was destroyed to give more time to live.
We have the chance now, the chance to give.
We join in the sea, your soul swims free.

The magnetic pull of the tide is sharp,
pulls you under water in the stars in the dark.
Fell the spirits finding you, searching through the nightfall.
Pulls you under water in the stars in the dark. (Ahhh!!!!!)
Track Name: Cloudy
Weighing these facts of my head
while awaking on a padded bed.
My vision has grown quite cloudy,
and I can't tell if I'm dead.
A glance to the corner of the room,
what is it that you see?
A snake that's curled in a circle
biting it's tail till it bleeds.
A bright figure in red appears
to the right of the snake still there.
He says that's you in the circle,
and he vanishes without a care.
My vision it starts to rise....
"Nurse do I see you over there?!?!"
I still can't make out the shapes in the room
if you happen to notice my stare......
Track Name: Under a Cloudy Spell
Stay away! You don't want near me!
If you knew, you probably would fear me!
Where I stand, the ground is shaky.
It falls through, you don't want to come with me.
All this time in capture from it,
because of the way they done it.
I'm confused inside of a circle maze.
I slide on the ground, I must be a snake!!!

Beware the contents in my head
may shift if you can catch my drift.
I might keep sane on the outside, b
but I'm dead, dying on the inside.
It's a test of strength to overcome,
all this hurt to be undone
But I don't want to join the game.
Last time I played it made me go insane!!!!

What are you trying to do to me!!!!
I know they're out to find me!!!
Track Name: A Chance to Heal
All the things I see feed the fire.
And it takes my fear higher and higher.
Dropped too many times on a cold stone floor.
And the hopes and dreams they where nothing more.
Burning.....The flame that's going nowhere.
Hurting......Feeling always inside.
So I press on doing what I always do.
Drug away the pain so I can get on through.
The changing face from the T.V. last night
And it brings back the need for the constant fight.

A chance to heal, a way out of the circle.
Conquer your fear or you'll loose yourself.
Cause results are not swaying so I keep on playing.
The game of the maze, it's challenge and persuasion.
Oh no.....Oh no...

Dragons appear in the cracks of my mind
telling me to make amends with time.
The isle awaits with a silent cry.
Things left undone we must revise.

I cannot lose the curse that was thrown onto me.
I need to tell my message to set my sole free,
backwards through the halls of memory that you know.
Climbing the walls in the time we all must grow.
I need to gain back trust that I haven't got to know.
Waiting for things to change, waiting for you to show.
Cause I've heard it all before somewhere behind the closed door.
the past has taken over, deciding what I say and do.
Well the things I want to say, they never come through.

Head is spinning into a maze,
All that's taken in a day.
Backwards falling out of time.
Searching for another rhyme.....
Oh no.......Oh no.....
Track Name: Sea Window
I've wished everything away from here,
a delicate state needs no complication.
I stare at the walls endlessly.
Wondering the next time.....sleep.
Subconscious message of the sea revealed,
still blossoming in the mind in time.

Static memories of the past, fractals into a code of white.
Sea window it froze, buried the game in time.

A walk by the seaside all night with the moon.
Clouds roll past, the waves come in fast.
Spirits of the shoreline speak to your mind,
after you've gone and left it all behind.
Track Name: Relook From the Cloud
Wished everything away from here,
Wished everyone and everything away from here.
Wished everything away from here.

They go along the seaside bright,
Walking away from here tonight,
Walking along the seaside bright